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Il Profumo delle Rose

Hi, I'm Beatrice and I live in the magnificent and evocative setting of Lake Como. I design floral compositions and projects with creativity, harmony and balance for the most important day in a couple's life, but also for events or simple anniversaries. In constant search for new techniques and styles, I create magical environments where you can experience unforgettable moments. 

The passion for the world around me started when I was little when, together with my grandfather, we took care of the garden at home. Growing up I continued to cultivate the passion together with my dad united by the hobby of nature and gardening. 


I attended the high school of Agricultural at "Fondazione Minoprio" Institute and subsequently followed training courses to specialize in the creation of different and increasingly complex floral projects.

Thanks to my experience I have had the opportunity to work in renowned companies that have trained me and made me grow more and more.

After 9 years of career in the sector I moved abroad for a few months, to Ireland, where I was able to learn new, innovative and revolutionary techniques. 

Once back I decided to make a job out of this passion: that's how 

Il Profumo delle Rose was born.



Each project is made with materials selected specifically for the event, to ensure superior quality and durability 



With 9 years in the sector,

 I combine experiences in Italy and abroad to guarantee uniqueness to the compositions



Always looking for original and innovative ideas, I propose different and personalized styles for an unforgettable event



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I'm here for you.

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Beatrice Girola

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